Sechelt Land Fill, summer 2018.

Seven years. That’s how long we have until the Sechelt landfill closes. And what will we do with our garbage after that? No one knows. The SCRD has known for years that this was coming, but still there is no plan.

Obviously we need to take action as soon as possible or we will have to do what Powell River does–barge our garbage to Washington State. I don’t believe that exporting our garbage is acceptable. We need a local solution.

Volunteers clean up an illegal dump site in 2017.

We also need improvements to garbage and recycling services to combat illegal dumping. We need a simple, affordable way to dispose of problem substances, such as small quantities of drywall. The south coast also needs a transfer station that’s accessible to residents who aren’t able to drive to Sechelt, and where weekend residents and tourists can drop off garbage.

Finally, there is currently no legal way to dispose of invasive plants such as broom and knotweed other than cutting them, drying them and waiting until fall when backyard burning is permitted. An incinerator that accepted invasives would be a big help in assisting residents to clean up their properties.