All About the Money

I am passing the hat among friends, family and supporters to  help cover my campaign costs. In order to run for local government I had to resign from The Local Weekly, so I am taking a considerable financial hit even before expenses.

If you are interested in supporting me, please contact my financial agent, Ann,  Here’s what you need to know about contributing to a candidate.

  • Contributions to municipal election campaigns are not tax deductible, sorry.
  • Only individuals can contribute (no organizations) and you must be both a Canadian Citizen and a BC resident.
  • Anonymous contributions of $50 or less are permitted, but only one per individual.
  • Everyone who contributes $100 or more must provide their full name and address and will have their contribution disclosed in the candidate’s financial report filed with Elections BC. (You can see disclosure statements from the 2014 election HERE.)
  • The limit for individual contributions is $1,200. A candidate can contribute up to $2,400.
  • The limit for campaign spending for SCRD candidates is $5,000.
  • Candidates must have a bank account for their campaign. Cheques to my campaign should be written to “Campaign of Donna McMahon”.

I organized a workshop on August 30 on campaign financial rules for Sunshine Coast candidates and their financial agents. Thanks to Elections BC for the content, and Community Futures for providing the meeting room. L to R: Kim Darwin (agent), Ann Schiebelbein (agent), Matt McLean (Sechelt), Donna McMahon (SCRD E), Jacqueline Gillis (Sechelt), Mark Hiltz (SCRD F), Ian Poole (agent), Bill Beamish (Gibsons), Cathrine Fuller (SCRD D). Not pictured but attending were Lori Pratt (SCRD B) and Amanda Amaral (agent). I believe in collaboration, so I am starting out the way I intend to go on–by bringing people together to learn and communicate.

And finally…

I encourage you to support people running for local government. It’s scary stepping up as a candidate, and although it doesn’t cost a huge amount to run a rural campaign, most candidates end up paying a lot of expenses out of their pockets. And then when they are elected, the salaries are low, especially in view of the amount of work that’s involved.

Here is what your local elected officials are paid per year. These numbers are approximate and may include benefits. School Trustee $15,000, Gibsons Councillor $16,000, Sechelt Councillor $20,000, SCRD Director $24,000.