Thank you Elphinstone!

Thanks so much to the 728 of you who voted for me on October 20. I appreciate your support and your trust. (See SCRD election results)

I’ve been telling people that if I win the punishment will fit the crime; and I’m not entirely kidding. It’s relatively easy to criticize; it’s a lot harder to go out there and make positive change happen. Government is a lumbering beast and nudging it onto a different course will not be easy, but if all the newly elected Sunshine Coast representatives strive to work collaboratively, we can find solutions to our problems.

One of the first things I’ll do is revise this website to become an Elphinstone constituency information site, and set up an email list for newsletters and updates on SCRD issues. There’s been one win already from this campaign. I see that the SCRD has just announced that they are making audio recordings of board meetings available on their website. Yay!  Now we just need to get video recording equipment and a YouTube channel.

I’ve made a list of issues that residents raised with me via email, phone calls and door to door campaigning, and I’ll be looking into them in the weeks to come. My other top priority is to meet with outgoing directors so they can share some of what they’ve learned at the board table. They’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and wisdom, and I hope they will be available as community advisors in the next four years.

And finally many thank-yous. First, to the forty-one individuals and couples who contributed financially to my campaign–that crowdfunding made a huge difference for me. Next, to everyone who pitched in to make signs, help with events, go door to door, and give me encouragement. And last, but certainly not least, my key campaign organizers: Campaign Manager Mairi Welman, Financial Agent Ann Schiebelbein, and my sign captain and domestic support staff, Clint Budd.


Why I want to represent Area E

I’m running for Area E Director because I can’t sit on the sidelines any longer.

Visiting Woodcreek Park with the official Campaign Vehicle. Great weather for it!

The SCRD was founded in 1968, and the organization is still there in terms of how it operates, thinks about infrastructure, and engages the community. This needs to change now, because the next four years are crucial for regional government. Major decisions must be made about our water supply, garbage and recycling, and we’ll be living with those decisions for decades to come.

We have a water supply emergency on the coast, not because we lack water or because the SCRD planners aren’t aware we need more water storage, but because the people elected to make difficult decisions have failed to take action for years. Your newly elected directors will face urgent problems which must be dealt with as soon as possible. ‘Business as usual’ is simply no longer an option.

I’ve been following local issues and politics for a long time. As a reporter for The Local Weekly, I attended SCRD, Sechelt and Gibsons council meetings–in fact, I’m the only person on the coast who attended all three governments for the last two years. I also did extensive background research to make sure that my reporting was thorough and accurate. So I’m completely up to speed. I know the issues. I know the people. And, as a professional communicator, I have the skills to keep residents of this area in touch with what their government is (or isn’t) doing.

I have a deep knowledge of this community, and a great deal of experience working with different groups who have different opinions and concerns. I will do my best to be open-minded, flexible to change as new information comes in, and willing to compromise when necessary so that we can reach solutions to divisive issues.

SCRD board meeting in the board room on Field Road. This is what it looks like when a crowd of citizens shows up for a contentious issue. Most of the time the directors meet in front of a sea of empty chairs.